International Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference 2019 at the University of Sussex, UK 

Thematic track 3 -

Deep changes at firm, market and economy-wide level in the era of digitalization and automation

Vannuccini, S., Ciarli, T., Savona, M., Marzucchi, A., Steinmueller, E.

(SPRU, University of Sussex)

The thematic track will deal with the socio-economic aspects of the digital transformation at multiple levels, from the firm to the whole economy. The aim is to provide a bridge between a ‘standard’ view on the emerging digital economics and the broader effects taking place in the domains of knowledge production and allocation in the workplace, employment dynamics, skills and tasks transformations and sorting. In particular, the combined effects of digitalization and automation is explored in a systematic way through the contributions of the track and an attempt is made to draw a connection between the current wave of transformation and the general patterns of socio-economic changes happening during the establishment of new ‘pervasive’ technologies.



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