International Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference 2019 at the University of Sussex, UK 

Professional Development Workshop: Strategic Communication 

26 April 2019


13:30 - 15:00

Paganini suite, The Old Ship Hotel

Teaching Leaders on Developing and Implementing Organizational Communication Campaigns

with Prof. Tom Galvin (US Army War College, USA)

This unique PDW aims to raise interest towards the development of knowledge, tools, and methods associated with deliberate organizational communication campaigns, whose purpose is to accomplish a communication outcome – whether to promote the organization’s message, address criticisms against the organization, successfully defuse an opponent’s messages, adjust the organization’s own behaviors and culture, or a combination of the above.


All of the above have become important topics in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks as opponents proved better able to coordinate and deliver messages countering U.S. intentions. Attempts to develop ways and means for improving communications failed for various reasons, in particular because of misalignments between the leaders’ messages and the organizations’ own behaviors. Reviews of military case studies of successful communication campaigns suggest that alignment of the organization’s context, message content, and internal communication processes is important, but these are not consistently achieved.


The goal of the PDW is to present insights from these cases to discuss approaches toward general approaches for developing and implementing organizational communication campaigns.

Attendance is free of charge for conference delegates. Spaces are limited so please book a place using the form below!